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Animal Welfare

There are many sites that provide information and resources for animal welfare. Here are some of the best sites:

Humane Society International is one of the largest animal protection organizations in the world, working to protect all animals, including farm animals, from cruelty and exploitation.

World Animal Protection is an international organization that works to protect animals in farming, wildlife, and entertainment industries, as well as in disasters and emergencies.

The ASPCA is a leading animal welfare organization in the United States, working to prevent animal cruelty and promote animal welfare through advocacy, education, and rescue.

The Animal Welfare Institute is a non-profit organization that advocates for animal welfare and protection through legislative and policy changes, as well as public education and outreach.

Farm Sanctuary is a US-based organization that works to protect farm animals from cruelty and promote their welfare through rescue, education, and advocacy.

These are just a few of the best sites for animal welfare. There are many other resources available, including academic journals, government agencies, and other nonprofit organizations that specialize in animal welfare.