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Coccidiosis stage diagnosis kit

Pathogen L1 L2 L3 L4
Eimeria acerviolina

white ladder-Like spots lesions in the duodenum

Lesions can extend much Further than the duodenum.

Intestinal wall is thickened and contains Liquieds.

Intestinal wall is lumen is white - grish color and seriosly inflammed


E. Praecox

Normal intestinal wall and the content is quiet liquid

intestinal wall slightly thickened and contain whitish mucus and non-digested Feed


E. Maxima

Small red petechiae on the serosal surface

Thickening intestinal wall and contain full of orange mucus

The intestinal wall is inflammed and thick -The serosal surface is wrinkled

The intestinal wall is thickned more than the double - it contain several bloody spots.

E. Necatrix

Small scattered petechine and white spots on the serosal surface

Several lesions. on the serosal surface with Light inflammation

External bleeding in the intestinal lumen and the serosal surface covered with red petechiae and wrinkled

Extensive bleeding and the intestinal content i's red or brown macus

E. Mitis

Normal intestinal wall and the content is Slightly Liquid.

The intestinal wall is slightly thickened and the content more creamy aspect


E. Tenella

Very Few petechiae on the Caecal wall

More lesions with blood in the caecal content with abit thickening caecal wall

The caecal wall is greatly thickened and Contain large quantities of blood

The caecal wall is strongly streched with blood with no caecal debris.

E. brunettae

No macroscopic lesions observed

The intestinal wall is greyish colour and thickened. There can be apsendo - membrane with Salmon points

Thickened intestinal wall with acatarrhal bloody exudate content

Extensive coagulative recrisis of the mucosal surface of the lowest part of the gut.