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Piocoxine (W.S.P)


Each 1 Kgm contains

  • Sulphaquinoxaline sodium 155.612 gm

(Equi to 145 gm sulphaquinoxaline base)

  • Diaverdine Hcl     41. 04 gm

(Equi to 36 gm Diaverdine base)

  • Menadione sodium Bisulfate (vit.K)       5. 77gm   
  • (Equi to 3.6 gm menadione base)


  • Piocoxine has a broad effect against intestinal and caecal coccidiosis in chickens such as Eimeria tenella, Acerviolina, E. Maxima, E. mivati, E. bronetti and E. necatrixe.
  • Piocoxine has antibacterial effect specially in treatment of Coryza , cholera and Salmonella. 

Target species

  • Broiler chicken
  • Native breeds
  • layer during rearing period.


  • Route orally via drinking water.
  • Dose: 0.5 gm / Liter fresh drink water For 5 days and after 3 days repeat the same dose for another 5 days.


Plastic container of 500 gm