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Ultra Aminovital


Vit. A

20000000 IU

Vit. K3

1200 mg

Vit. D3

3000000 IU

Betaine HCL

10000 mg

Vit. E

15000 mg

Sorbitol 70%

20000 mg

Vit. B1

2200 mg


5000 mg

Vit. B2

2000 mg

L- lysine

10000 mg

Vit. B5

1100 mg

DL- Methionine

11000 mg

Vit. B6

7000 mg

L- threonine

2000 mg

Vit. B12

15000 mcg

L- tryptophan

22000 mg

Vit. B3

6500 mcg

L- Arginine

2000 mg

Folic acid

20000 mcg

L- cysteine

1100 mg


22000 mg

L-Glutamic acid

2300 mg

Vit. C

12000 mg


50000 mg


Ultra-Amino vital Benefits

  • Essential for poor growth and feathering.
  • Essential for Red and white blood cell Formation.
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
  • Improve Liver Function and treat fatty Liver.
  • Improve Liver and gall bladder to secrete large amount from digestive enzymes.
  • Breakdown of CHO and fats To produce energy.
  • promote Protein synthesis, promote muscle gain and increase body consumption.
  • Maintain Immune system functional and healthy.
  • Used during stress (Transportation, Vaccination and after treatment of Coccidiosis and bacterial infections).


  • Ultra-Vital improve health status of the flock.
  • Essential for formation of epithelial tissues and mucous membranes.
  • Essential for spermatogenesis so increase fertility and hatchability.
  • Has a major role in repairing of damaged gut.
  • Improve gut integrity, improve digestion, absorption and increase FCR.
  • Increase humeral immunity.
  • Deeply involved in regulation of Calcium and Phosphorus metabolism.
  • Improve skeletal system formation.
  • Prevent brain and muscle atrophy.
  • Prevent fatty liver, improve liver function and increase liver enzyme.
  • Prevent rickets and osteomalacia.
  • Maintain mucous membranes healthy and intact.


  • 1 ml / 5 liter drinking water for 3 – 5 days


  • one liter


  • In a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight.