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Ultra growth Feed


Manan oligo saccharide

40000 mg

Beta glucan

35000 mg

Bacillus subtitles

2.5X10” CF4

Bacillus lichenifornis

2.5X10” CF4

Lactobacillus acidophilus

1.25X10” CF4


13250 mg


10150 mg


38500 mg


51550 mg

Vitamin A

10000000 I4

Vitamin D

800000 mg

Vitamin E

3500 mg

Vitamin C

25000 mg


100 mg

Zinc sulphate

5000 mg


Growth Feed Benefits

  • Ultra Growth Feed is growth promoting agent.
  • Ultra Growth Feed increase egg production, egg quality fertility and hatchability.
  • Ultra Growth Feed Keep immune system healthy and increase the production of immune globulins.
  • Ultra Growth Feed repair and increase microflora after the use antibiotics.
  • Ultra Growth Feed increase the size of cilia in digestive tract so increase absorption.
  • Ultra Growth Feed improve the integrity and performance of intestinal epithelial barrier
  • Ultra Growth Feed improve Liver function.
  • Ultra Growth Feed improve skeleton Formation
  • Ultra Growth Feed prevent diarrhea and decrease ammonia in faces.
  • Ultra Growth Feed prevent colonization of E. coli, salmonella and clostridia.
  • Ultra Growth Feed stimulate the production of red bleed cells, white blood cells, Neutrophil, macrophage and interferon


  • Ultra phose is used for prevention and treatment of mineral deficiencies.
  • Ultra phose is used to avoid rickets and osteomalecia.
  • Ultra phose is used to improve the skeleton formation.
  • Ultra phose is used to increase growth and feed conversion rate.
  • Ultra phose maintains mineral balance inside the body.
  • Ultra phose increases egg production and improve egg shell quality.
  • Ultra phose improves immune system to produce immunoglobulims by large number.
  • Ultra phose treatment of sudden death syndrome in poultry due to phosphorus deficiency in blood.
  • Ultra phose decrease deaths in early producing layer due to calcium deficiency.


  • 1 gm. per liter of drinking water for 3 – 5 days 


  • ½ kg, 1 kg


  • In a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight