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Ultra K


Each 1 kg contains Vitamin k3

200000 mg


  • Ultra K3 plays an important role in control of hemorrhagic diseases as IBD, ND. CIA and AI.
  • Ultra K3 is used before debeaking to avoid hemorrhage.
  • Ultra K3 plays an important role in treatment of coccidiosis.
  • Ultra K3 is used in case of vit k3 deficiency.
  • Ultra K3 has antioxidant activity so protect the body tissues from damage.
  • Ultra K3 improves the function of digestive and nervous systems.
  • Ultra K3 increases calcium absorption and metabolism so increase development of skeletal system and prevent bone fracture.
  • Ultra K3 is used for treatment of blood spots inside eggs.
  • Ultra K3 is used after treatment with sulphonamide.


  • 1/2 gm / liter drinking water


  • 1 Kg


  • In a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight.