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Ultra phos plus


Each one liter contains:

D L. methionine

10000 mg

Lysine hydrochloride

110000 mg


10000 mg

L – Arginine

10000 mg

Calcium chloride 

70000 mg


3335000 mg

Sodium chloride

25500 mg

Magnesium sulphate

19850 mg

Manganese sulphate

19350 mg

Iron sulphate

10200 mg

Cupper sulphate

8100 mg

Zinc sulphate

14850 mg

Cobalt sulphate

520 mg

Sodium selenite

240 mg



  • Ultra phose Plus is used for prevention and treatment of mineral deficiencies.
  • Ultra phose plus is used to avoid rickets and osteomalecia.
  • Ultra phose plus is used to improve the skeleton formation.
  • Ultra phose plus is used to increase growth and feed conversion rate.
  • Ultra phose plus improve egg production, egg shell quality, fertility and hatchability.
  • Ultra phose plus Improve immune status of the flock.
  • Ultra phose plus has antioxidant and ant inflammatory activity.
  • Ultra phose plus protect liver and brain from damage.
  • Ultra phose plus is important for energy production.
  • Ultra phose plus is important for production of collagen and carnitine.
  • Ultra phose plus Support cardio vascular health and improve blood flow inside the body.
  • Ultra phose plus increase protein synthesis in the body.
  • Ultra phose plus treatment of sudden death syndrome in poultry due to phosphorus deficiency in blood.
  • Ultra phose plus decrease deaths in early producing layer due to calcium deficiency.


  • Poultry, pigeon on and rabbit 1 ml / liter drinking water for 3 – 5 days.
  • Large animal 1 ml / 10 Kg body weight.


  • one liter


  • In a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight.